Industry, Executive and Technical Consulting Services


SurgiVision® Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience in all the important areas of the ophthalmic industry, making us uniquely qualified to provide technical and executive consulting services, and to evaluate new projects for their investment potential.

SurgiVision® Technical consulting ranges from helping inventors identify needs for new product development to product design and validation.

SurgiVision® Executive consulting builds on our longstanding involvement in innovation, which has kept us in the forefront of new technology development and has allowed us to accurately forecast market trends. Our attention to strategic alignment between manufacturers, physicians and patients has us guide C-level executives to position their products for success.

SurgiVision® Investor due-diligence services extend from our combined knowledge of ophthalmology, business and finance. We have participated in several projects to assist venture capital and private equity firms to assess the potential of new and existing investments.

We believe that the opportunities in ophthalmology greatly outnumber the companies and people available to meet them, so any project that advances the field has the potential to find success. But we also realize that leapfrog technologies can cause even the best projects to fail. It is often necessary to go look beyond the merit of isolated projects and put them into the context of the threats it may face over time.