DataLink Alcon Edition allows surgeons, the ability to plan surgery using our revolutionary Synoptic Planner.  In just minutes, both eyes can be evaluated for surgery in the same screen, side-by-side as if the patient were sitting right in front of you.  It takes only a few minutes for all necessary data to be entered by your technician/optometrist/surgical coordinator ahead of time.  The surgeons simply logs-in and selects “Patients with Plans to Make” center screen.  In 30 seconds you are in the Synoptic Planner planning surgery.


Generate printed surgical plans at a click of a button – print one or all with just one click.  Laser techs love this convenience!  Once the surgeon makes the plans, the tech can print the plans and get the laser ready to the surgery day using the printed plans where both eyes are on the same page for each patient.


Closely analyze your outcomes all at a click of a button in a secure, HIPAA compliant web-based environment.   All FDA approved ranges of treatments are included – myopia, hyperopia, surface ablation, topography guided and aberrometry guided treatments.  or both Sphere and Cylinder – ultimately decreasing enhancement rates and realizing impressive surgical achieved rates that are right from the start.


So, when is the best time to begin using DataLink Alcon Edition?  Right from the start – with our very first case!

  • New to the Alcon WaveLight Laser platform?    Surgeons who are new to the WaveLight platform benefit from our large library of Starting Nomograms,  so the best fit for your patient and surgical style is suggested right from the start – until your own Surgeon-Specific Nomograms have developed.
  • Been using the Alcon WaveLight Laser platform for some time?   Surgeons who have been using the Wavelight platform quickly adapt to the Synoptic Planner and usually obtain Surgeon-Specific Nomograms within just a few days of starting.


Registration into DataLink Alcon Edition takes on a few minutes. A web-based in-service is scheduled with each surgeon to review the Synoptic Planner.  


Register today!  Enroll Here.  We look forward to working with you!